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Nature wakes up, the sun pampers and after the winter sleep, the Barefoot trail is opened.

In spring, you can come to Valguma Pasaule to enjoy the silence and find peace.

Large-format paintings in the art trail merge with nature and peaceful Lake Valgums can give you the energy for the new year.


Not only poppies bloom but the whole nation. Everyone warms up in the sun and smiles.

In summer, Valguma Pasaule is waiting for almost every Latvian family to visit. The busiest of the seasons with opportunities to attend concerts, walk the Barefoot trail, stay overnight at the hotel, enjoy the art in the woods, and actively relax.


Autumn brings nostalgic feelings to the world of Valgums, and the splendor of the shores of Lake Valgums invites nature lovers to reflect.

During this time, the Barefoot trail is put to sleep. On weekends, you can enjoy not only an overnight stay with an autumn view outside the window but also delicious seasonal dishes, a lighted art trail and a romantic rest in the sauna.


Just like in fairy tales, the world of Valgums is decorated with winter snowdrifts. The sounds become soft and peace occurs.

In Valgums, winter is full of peace and wonderfully beautiful. On weekends, however, you can stay in the hotel, have a heart-warming meal and enjoy the silence of winter.

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