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Barefoot trail

Here you will find the best of what has been tried in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and yet - only characteristic of our land, the vicinity of Lake Valgums and the Slocene River, Ķemeri National Park.

Pebbles, boulders and millstones, moss, cones, seashore sand, Ķemeri healing mud, Pranamat lotus flowers , reeds, wood chips, rough pine trunk, clay, refreshing river water… Rain soaked soft peat in the shade of spruce, gravel warmed in the sun… The richer the experience for the feet, the more noticeable the effect.


EVERY DAY  FROM 9:00-18:00


Price list


Adults EUR 8 

Pupils, pensioners and people with disabilities EUR 6

Entrance for preschool children EUR 2


Adults EUR 9

Pupils, pensioners and people with disabilities EUR 7

Entrance for preschool children EUR 3

SPA bath for feet:

EUR 7 per person


For groups:

For pre-school children arriving in groups (pre-schools, interest groups, etc.) EUR 2

Free entrance for a group (15-30 pers.) one guide/one class teacher for every 10 students

For groups> 10 people, please apply in advance:

Phone number. +371 63181222




Entrance to the barefoot trail ONLY barefoot!

We offer four-legged pets to walk on our other trails. During the visit to the Barefoot Trail, please leave your pets in the care of a family member.

Infants will also have to go on foot or in hands of their parents because it is not possible to walk along the trail with a stroller.

Walking barefoot on various natural surfaces:

* we harden, strengthen the body's defences,
* We make the blood circulate faster, which also likes the heart,
* we absorb the energy of the earth and return the excess,
* strengthen leg muscles, ligaments, joints,
* reduce cramps in caviar muscles,
* normalize blood pressure,
* we dispel headaches,
* we provide rest for tired feet,
* relax, calm down,
* we promote the formation of a sense of balance, internal stability - both physical and psychological,
* by gently activating the nerve endings that are in the footsteps, we have a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

After a ~ 2900m long walk, the feet are pleasantly tingling and warm even on a wet day, the body feels an influx of energy and vitality quite physically. The head is exhausted, anxiety, annoyance and stress are gone, the mind and heart are free of fresh, unaccustomed ideas.


Baskāju takas cenrādis
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