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Large sauna

A romantic sauna is hidden behind the spruce stand. Here you can wake up and have dinner with a large group of friends or colleagues of about twenty people.

The house has a cozy fireplace room, a terrace overlooking the lake, and two rooms for relaxation. The tub is located outside under the spruce trees - sitting in the hot water, you watch the wind swing the branches of the trees or slowly falling snowflakes…


EUR 230 - sauna house (tub + bedrooms)

EUR 200 - for participants of corporate events who stay overnight at the hotel

EUR 180 - sauna house WITHOUT bedrooms

EUR 170 - sauna house WITHOUT a hot tub

EUR 150 - sauna house WITHOUT hot tub and bedrooms for groups


sauna house with a tub WITHOUT bedrooms for small groups (up to 15 people), if staying in a hotel,


sauna house with a tub WITHOUT bedrooms for small family groups (up to 10 people) for a 3-6 hour event

Reservation - at the latest, the day before the scheduled meeting or


Wellness day for companies

Opportunity to relax on the shores of Lake Valgums with the company's colleagues.

We offer various activities, meals, and accommodation for groups of different sizes.

More information by contacting us here.

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