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Smārdes honey

Smārde honey is a small family business engaged in beekeeping and fruit growing. The offer includes honey, pollen, bee bread, propolis, wax products and other beekeeping products. In turn, you will get an additional dose of vitamin C by purchasing sea buckthorns grown by the owners.

You can see and buy all the products in the farm's specialized shop "Medus Darītava", at the address - "Mazgaidiņas", Smārde parish, Engure municipality.

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Pinumu Pasaule

The origins of the Pinumu Pasaule can be traced back to 1985 as a result of the family's shared passion. During these years, thanks to the professionalism of weavers, the company has become one of the largest and most recognizable brands in Latvia.

Weavers work with peeled and unpeeled, home-grown, willow wicker - ecologically clean material. Real hand and heart work!


Services also include the sale of ready-made wicker and the repair of wickerwork.

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To Tukums for the beauty

Tukums is located just 12 km from the Valguma Pasaule and is one of the oldest cities in Latvia. Also, the rest of the Tukums area is full of new adventures and ready for both families with children and romance seekers.

There you can:

  • enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner;

  • visit historically significant places;

  • to spend the night;

  • attend events;

  • enjoy the silence of nature;

  • relax

Find ideas for holidays - take a look at Tukums tourism guide


Kemeri National Park

Ķemeri National Park was established in 1997 with the aim of preserving the values ​​of nature, cultural history and spa, promoting non-enriching economic activity, tourism and environmental education.

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The Forest Trail

The Forest Trail is a long distance hiking route, part of E11, in the Baltic States that leads through the most forested lands, regional, nature and national parks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 

The Trail also passes by "Valguma pasaule". Read more here.

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